Igor Chernin

I am a highly competent IT professional with a proven track record in designing websites, networking and managing databases.

I have strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to interact with a wide range of clients. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my IT skills.

My greatest passion is in life is using my technical know-how to benefit other people and organizations.

What I Do


Understand consumer behaviour in uncertain times. Discover weekly search insights from the Google Trends tool. Success Stories. Local Marketing Insights. Marketing Resources. Marketing Trends. Resources & Insights. Industry Insights. Global Marketing Insights.

Web Developer

Responsible for the coding, design and layout of a website according to a company's specifications. As the role takes into consideration user experience and function, a certain level of both graphic design and computer programming is necessary.

Digital Marketing

Monitor activity, answer questions, create content, analyze trends, and resolve issues on social media channels. Monitor and report on web traffic and source analytics against KPIs. Work on pre-designated client content, as well as create original content.


Responsible for creating systems software and analyzing data to improve existing systems. In addition, these professionals ensure efficiency within their workplace, meeting deadlines and optimizing code for eventual server output.


Copywriting is always connected to the act of promoting or selling a business, organization, brand, product, or service, which makes it, by definition, a form of marketing.

Project Management

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.


Strategically manages social media platforms to drive customer engagement, website traffic, and revenue. They optimize content, join conversations on behalf of the brand, and support current and prospective customers.